Inside the referee’s bag

By |2021-05-27T13:08:41+01:00May 27th, 2021|Blog|

What’s inside a referee’s kitbag? If I Hadn’t Seen Such Riches has asked me, a humble referee in Frankfurt’s dog-end amateur and youth leagues, to reveal all, intrigued by [...]

The only team in the village: North Ferriby’s rocky past and uncertain future

By |2018-11-02T09:27:54+00:00November 1st, 2018|Blog|

Not all name changes are equal. Our club is now playing as Walthamstow, having previously been *deep breath* Leyton, Matlock Swifts, Leyton (again), Leyton Wingate, Leyton (once again), Leyton [...]

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